martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010


preguntas de ingles para estudiar

when do americans celebrate columbus day?

what do americans remember on that day?

where and when was christopher columbus born?

what did the young christopher columbus like to do?

what did people belive on that time?and columbus?

how old was christopher columbus when he first went to the sea?

what was columbus idea?

what did need to test this idea?

did many people want to help columbus?whow helped columbus?

what did christopher columbus have to start his voyage and test his theory?

when did columbus leave spain ?what was the name of the port?

where did the three ships arrive?when?

what did christopher columbus show to the king and the queen when he return to spain?

what did europeans find in the "new wold?

when and where did the first celebration columbus day take place?

when and where did the great columbian exposition celebrated?

how do americans celebrate columbus day?

is everybody happy about celebrating columbus day? why or why not?


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