jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Preguntas de Inglés

Chapter Three:

1. Describe Captain Troy.
2. What does Bathsheba do when she feels happy?
3. Why does Bathsheba feels unhappy a little later on?
4. What does Bathsheba do when she feels unhappi?
5. What happens at midnight?
6. What happens at 8 a.m?
7. Why are the people in Sunyville so surprised?
8. What is Sunnyville faumous for?
9. Why is good weather competition so important for the people in the village?
10. What time does Bathsheba wakes up? What does Bathsheba see when she wakes up?
11. Why is Bathsheba so warried about not doing her job?
12. Who calls Bathsheba? What does he want?

Chapter Four:

1. Describe Doctor Miracle.
2. What does Bathsheba use to do her job?
3. What young witches uses to help them?
4. What does Doctor Miracle take out of his bag?
5. What does Bathsheba have to do with this machine?
6. Why does Bathsheba start to cry?
7. What does Doctor Miracle say about Bathsheba's ideas?
8. What does Doctor Miracle give Bathsheba?
9. What is Bathsheba supposed to do with it?

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