domingo, 17 de enero de 2010


Chinatown is situate between South of Canal Street and west of Chatham Square. The chinese were the first people that they came to New York in 1850. They helped to build the railways in California. There are many restaurant and shops in Chinatown. Today, more than 80,000 Chinese-Americans live in Chinatown.

The chinese is the official lenguage of Chinatown, nobody know to speak english.

The house oldest of chinatown is in the 18 of Bowery and in the 70 of Mulberry is the Musseum of Chinese in the Americans.

In Chinatown the visitor can buy a Dolce & Gabbana for 12 $ is a imitacion......but...Why do you pay 215 $ for an original glasses?

The New Year is one of the principal festivities for the Chinese- Americans, there are a lot of decorations in the streets and the most important part of this celebrations is the Parade of the Dragon on New Year`s Day. The Dragon can be twenty-five metres long. The chinese think this animal is noble and lucky.

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